Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fun Match and Bob Day

Jersey had her first Fun Match on Saturday, August 8. She won her class and took third in the Sporting Group. Not too bad for her first time!! Later that day, we went to a party (called Bob Day) and took Jersey. She was a big hit and made friends with many other dogs, including a Great Dane, children, and a horse! What a day for socialization!! We're proud of our Jersey Girl!!

She stood still for much longer than I expected for her first show! And she holds her tail up without my help!!

The judge loved her...she even gave him lots of kisses! We got lots of "aww's" from the crowd :) And, she was so excited...look at her tail. Can you tell it was wagging!??

Jersey with her Great Dane buddy at Bob Day


  1. Congratulations! We're so thrilled for you - what a doll :-)

  2. Wow Rachel, you look like such a polished professional at the shows, I'm sort of glad you had a conflict for the Knoxville shows LOL! Great website and what a talented girl you have there, can't wait to see more of her accomplishments. Good luck this weekend at the navhda test!

    Debbie & Sky