Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Will She or Won't She...That is the question

We took Jersey to the pond two days in a row to see if we could get her to swim so she can at least stand a chance at her Natural Ability test this weekend...after A LOT of work SHE SWAM on day 2!!!

Pointing the dead quail in the water...still not quite ready to go in.

If only her legs were a little longer she could reach it!

FINALLY!! She is so proud with her duck.

Jersey is in no way interested in retreiving the bumper from the water, but she will eventually go in for a dead bird. We are keeping our fingers crossed that she will do this on Saturday for the test :) If not, then we will try again in the spring and she will have one heck of a learning experience under her belt.

Next test: trying for her Junior Hunter in Kentucky October 24-25

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  1. She'll figure it out! It may not look pretty, but she's soooo willing to get in there and retrieve her bird (and that's what counts!) that I'm sure she'll learn to even herself out and gain more confidence! Great job!